My teaching background includes teaching undergraduate and graduate courses that examine sociocultural influences on teaching and learning, digital literacies, literacy and technology, media,  literacy methods and assessment, children’s literature, curriculum development, and middle childhood education.

* Exploring Black Girls' Literacies C&T 5199

#ASeatAtTheTable: Exploring Black girls’ literacies invites participants to apply this concept as a way towards developing “a more complete vision of the identity Black girls create for themselves, and the literacies and practices needed to best teach them.” It emphasizes the importance of having Black girls be the negotiators of their experiences in the classroom and share power in an educational system that has historically and in contemporary times rendered them powerless and described them as less worthy of robust educational experiences. This course will explore beliefs, practices, and policies about Black girls by reviewing historical and contemporary scholarship that center their lived experiences and literacy practices.


* Special Topics: Exploring Issues of Social Justice in Children’s Literature C&T 5042


In what ways can children’s literature contribute to the conversation about justice, equality, and social change in the 21st century? Given that children’s literature is a powerful tool that can be read to mediate conversations about important topics in our society, this course will explore this question by examining the sociopolitical nature of children’s books. In this course, students will learn how to select, evaluate and analyze depictions and aspects of social justice and injustice in children’s literature. We will consider topics such as racism, gender, power, social action, perspective, publishing trends, and ideology.


* Literacy and Technology  MSTU 4049

In recent years our understanding of literacy and technology has been challenged and revised to account for practices that occur in multiple contexts across diverse communities. As policy makers, researchers, Ed tech companies, data analysts, students, and educators’ express interest, hopes, and concerns about the teaching and learning with digital tools, this course as a space to investigate research, curriculum and policy as it relates to literacy and technology.


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